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2013-03-25 16:10:44 by SkeletonGimp

"Oh hey man, I see you broke up with your fiancee. I'll meet up with you tonight and hang coz that's what bro's do."

"Oh wait, I gotta go sleep some tonight, lets meet tomorrow instead."


"Oh hey man, tonights not gonna happen either."

Bitch, ever into Brocode?

Edit: Bro's don't make themselves look like faggots either


Having a baby....

2012-11-06 12:43:38 by SkeletonGimp

Life sentance issued of little to no social life and forced responsibility and general un-coolness.

That is all.

Update 24/03/2013:

Broke up with baby's momma. Life cannot be more glorious shit

Get Real

2011-11-22 13:54:48 by SkeletonGimp

Its time people realised they don't have a natural 'right' to anything, and there's no such thing as being on the moral high ground.

Friends will dissapoint you, people will stab you in the back, girlfriends and partners will leave you, and some (maybe all) members of your family willl disrespect or disown you. Life is a series of relentless, crushing disappointments.

The only reason we seem to be offended by these disappointments is because of the sprinkling of joy and hope in an otherwise schitsophrenic lifestyle that switches from mundane to hyper stress. Generally, we look at the past with rose tinted glasses, to save ourselves the shame of realising the vast majority of human beings aren't exceptional, and life will contiually kick you in the nuts.

People who feel so high and mighty about loft issues they have very little knowledge of sicken me most, as these people believe they have some 'right' to be heard, the pain of those in real suffering is 'their pain'. Seriously, unless you've taken a bullet for a wounder solider, directly contributed to his care or donated a sum of money that will actually make a difference beyond a few pence, you really have no right to demand anything of anyone. As for corporate greed, well humans are animals in their base form, atleast animals don't commit genocide against their own spieces and live in relative harmony with one another. So long as there are individuals with influence, there will be people who blindly allow them to take advantage, rising up only when the deal goes sour for them but when the going's good taking the quiet blind eye approach.

People who call others 'inhumane' for doing things like cheating or walking out on a friendship, well you obviously have no idea what it means to be 'human'. Selfish, and interested in their own survival, a law of the wild continued over in ugliness. So shut the fuck up and deal with it, you're not special and have no divine right of immunity from life's bleak reality

The world owes me nothing, and on the flip side I owe the world fuck all too. I am a grade a bastard and proud to admit it, because I realise no one will care one generation later after I'm dead. You can happily choose to ignore my ranting, or citicise me, you call, just know that I'm sick and tired of thise shit since I've seen the cold hard facts and I'm simply presenting them to you, since everyone keeps banging on about wanting the 'truth'

Halloween Costume

2011-10-29 13:09:54 by SkeletonGimp

So it's now 'mainstream' to post on the internet what your halloween costume is, and hipsters hate mainstream. Well, I hate hipsters, so here's mine pictured below

I loved Action Man as a kid, especially the 'old' 90's Action Man with the black and orange outfits. So, to pay tribute to this I assembled a quick costume together. If you want to copy it, here's a step by step guide:

1: The top

Action man at his coolest never went anywhere without being dressed in a combination of orange/black top. So, to achieve this look, I used an old spare hi-visibility t-shirt, conviniently orange with black cuffs. You can pick these kind of t-shirts up at most good hardware store that sells builder's tools, jackets, belts and the like, but I had a spare from work so no expense here!

I hand drew the 'AM' logo on to both sleeves with a black biro and permanent marker for added looks and to save expense, but I believe it is still possible to pick up Action Man stickers and/or patches if you look around. All depends how much you want to spend on a costume, but the hand drawn logos still look good!

2: The Assault Vest

The most important accessory, above and beyond the plastic M16 usually provided with a figure, is the assault vest Action Man uses to carry the tools needed to beat the bad guys!

I used a Viper Tactical Load Bearing Assault Vest, which I normally use for airsoft events, and can be picked up at most army surplus stores and online form plenty of retailers. It cost me £20 from a friend (Apprx $35-40) but assault vests usually retail about £35-80 depending on make (apprx $60-120)

You don't 'need' an assault vest, but if you have the money, or if you already use them, then definatly add it.

3: The Bottoms

Jeans, with top tucked in, matching plenty of mid 90's-early 00's Action Man figures. He's more of an 'international police-officer' in appearance and deeds, rather then a mercenary, so combats should be avoided if you want to maintain an authentic look.

4: Extra Accessories

I decided to go with fingerless bike riding gloves and boots for this costume that I already own. The boots are desert beige, matching most of the figures from the 90's period, so any good timberland or construction worker's boots will work. Fingerless gloves are also a common feature on many Action Man figures, tying in the whole 'international cop' look nicely.

If you don't own boots, wear black trainers as these are also common footwear used by Action Man. What ever you do, avoid 'white' trainers or Converse trainers unless you really have no other footwear!

Additional acessories I would reccomend for those loking for something different are headcaps, prefferably plain (Action Man doesn't naturally sport 'Armani' clothes) and a headset. Handcuffs and the like are options, but may make you look more like an undercover or plainclothes officer rather then Mr Action himself.

And that's that. Obviously, what I've written is a guide to how I put my outfit together and some tips for those looking to go down the Action Man route, but it's halloween so you don't need to strictly follow it. Put on a t/shirt and draw the logo on with a biro if you so please, and remember you don't need to sink money into this. Everything I used I already had lying around, so get creative with your old tit-tats!

Halloween Costume


2011-09-24 12:59:19 by SkeletonGimp

Just another day at the office with my brother-in-law...


Alternative NG Meet-up

2011-08-05 09:55:17 by SkeletonGimp

Anyone up for an alternative meet up?


No one?



I feel amazing!

2011-03-18 11:05:45 by SkeletonGimp

Today is a good day.

Work's going well, I feel in top physical shape, my mood is on an upper and I'm seeing my girlfriend tonight for a meal.

Only a pay day could make this day any better. Oh wait, what's that? It's Friday. Mother fucking pay day!

Why am I posting this you might ask. Because I can. I feel great, so fuck you.

Much love.


Thoughts and Prayers Japan

2011-03-16 09:45:40 by SkeletonGimp

My personal thoughts and prayer's go to Japan. There's little I can do, sat here in Old Blighty, but to the Japanese people, especially those effected directly by the tsunami and the on-going nuclear incident, I hope for the best for you.


2011-03-04 10:46:37 by SkeletonGimp

I'm sorry, I'm too busy winning to contribute...


Sign Up Here!

2011-03-03 08:33:43 by SkeletonGimp

Sign up here, people. Right here.

Just reply with /in and you're in!

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